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Doula Support & Doula Days

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Pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal time are so special in the lives of a family, and having the trusted, skilled and caring support of a Doula beside you throughout this journey can make it even more so. Many studies have been made into this area ( which show the great benefits of being with a doula during labour and also before and post birth.

These results span from reduced risk of C-section birth by 50% of the national average in the UK, to 47.9% less uptake of Epidural pain relief in labour. Doulas also help women to establish breastfeeding with a 96% success rate and 78% of these mothers will generally go on to breastfeed exclusively beyond six weeks.

I offer Doula support for families in the East Sussex area. My approach to care-giving during pregnancy is very open and begins with following and listening to a couple’s wishes for their birth experience. I can also share information about birth and the perinatal year as well as a range of birth-preparation techniques, including dance, breath-work and meditations for relaxation, if they are requested.

My motivation is to understand the needs of a couple and to assist in meeting these needs as and when they arise, in such a way that each one feels heard and empowered. I can offer my knowledge and understanding of both natural and medically-assisted birth processes as a reference point to inform my clients but would always follow their preferences for whatever choices they want to make throughout pregnancy, labour and in beyond birth.

Essentially I see my role as someone who can support others by listening to their needs, believing in them and serving them to the best of my ability during this special and transformative time.

If you are interested in hiring me as a Doula you are welcome to contact me for a chat on: 07748 765 949 or email me at

Look forward to hearing from you!

Doula Days

Nurturing Days for Doulas

These “DOULA DAY” workshops provide support, deep relaxation and a richly creative space to focus on the theme of self-care for Doulas through sharing, deep relaxation, movement & dance, mindfulness practice and creative painting.

Doulas play an essential role in helping women to develop self-confidence for birth. The value and impact of their work is hugely beneficial but this job can at times be stressful and even traumatic. We need time-out to emotionally ‘debrief’, relax, re-charge and enjoy a supportive environment with colleagues.

This is a wonderful, low-cost opportunity for Doulas to experience nurture and connection within their Doula community.  All Doulas welcome.

£25 per session.

For more information about upcoming Doula Days, please contact me on 07748 765 949 or


 “I really, really enjoyed every aspect of the day! What an amazing chance to connect with oneself and others. If you aren’t quite sure if this is for you, it is! Every woman should do this once a month or so. We would all be so much happier and stronger. Thank you Riga”

(Marein Schmitthenner – Doula)

“How lovely to have a safe space to nurture the nurturer. I feel loved and grounded.”

(Gemma Harvey – Doula)

 “Thank you for such a lovely, inspiring day! I enjoyed everything about it and was smiling all the way home!”

(Lynda Loughman – Doula)

 “It is such a relief to finally find a workshop that really assists women in their journey of transformation and deepening their connection to the great mysteries of life. Thank you for creating this space. I would love to do more of this work!

(Hannah Mae Dawson – Doula)