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Reiki & Intuitive Healing

Reiki is an ancient and profound healing technique of transmitting energy through the hands into the body of the recipient. It has been universally used in so many early cultures and has been likened to the healing art practiced by Jesus. Its impact on the body’s energy system is both powerful and gentle. In 1997 I first trained in Usui Reiki which is based on ancient Tibetan Buddhist sutras, discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in 1914.

Traditional Usui Reiki follows a map of hand postures which the practitioner follows as they channel the healing energy into the body. Intuitive Reiki however is really when the practitioner is guided to work in a specific way with the recipient. My intuitive healing approach after so many years now also involves massage of hands, feet, neck and head; vocal sounding; and intuitive guidance for the recipient which comes through at the end of each session. It is an experience of deeply connected rest and clearing.

Individual Healing session:

£45 an hour