Birth, Creativity, Dance and Healing


“Bringing Birth back to the body”



Pregnancy is a special time for women. You are creating another magical little life within your own body and yet you are simultaneously getting on with your day-to-day life, which can sometimes be a challenge.

I believe it is so important to take a break from it all, to relax the mind and to return to an awareness of the body; to connect with your pregnant belly and with the baby you are growing inside it.

The workshops that I facilitate for Birth-preparation, focus on moving and listening to the body in such a way that women are able to experience a deep state of relaxation which they can then access later, in childbirth itself.

‘Birth Vision’ and ‘Pregnancy Dance’ both explore this approach to physical movement and each session provides a way of helping us to reconnect with the part of us that actually gives birth, which is ultimately the body. The more we develop our body-confidence, the more relaxed we can be in body and mind as we go into labour, birth and in bonding with our new born babies.

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